About Us

I’ve always had a passion for surfing, travel, and adventure. From 1989-1999, I traveled almost non-stop in pursuit of the endless summer. Lucky for me, I was able to pull it off with help from family and a hard work ethic. I ended up on construction jobs and eventually started my own surf tour business in Costa Rica. I’ve been working at food festivals with a kettle corn booth ever since a longtime childhood friend turned me onto them in 2000.

I’ve always maintained good relationships with promoters, so in 2015 a promoter approached me with an opportunity to take over tent rentals for his events. At first I was hesitant because I was happy with my current business, but ambition got the better of me. I went into it thinking it would be a piece of cake, considering I’ve been working outdoor events for 15+ years, but boy was I ever wrong because the truth is I had never worked so hard in my life. The first couple of weeks were tough, but with the help of my dream team that works like a Nascar pit crew, today we enjoy a reputation as one of the most reliable artist tent rental company in the art show business.